Helping people improve their health and performance through nutrition, specialising in supporting people living with autoimmune diseases.

Why Souk Honor Health Nutrition?

As a person living with multiple Autoimmune diseases such as Systematic Scleroderma, Lupus, Lung Fibrosis but still be able to work and live a normal life, honoring my health and nutrition it needs is the only way to achieve my health goal. My life revolves around making sure I am putting the right nutrients into my body and listen to how it is accepting those nutrients. I believe the body has its inner-intelligence and always communicating with me how it feels. I believe my health is my wealth.

My mission is not only for me to stay healthy regardless my diagnosis but extended to my family, friends and clients. I am here to listen and support whoever are interested in maintaining their health, improving their performance or even to support them to recover from declining health.

Every Body needs different quality nutrients to function properly. Therefore, understanding how your body works is crucial to good health, regardless of age, gender, and health condition.

It is my pleasure and pride to help others to achieve their health goals. For that, I have various health educational courses for various group of clients.

Health and nutrition are such personal matter and if only you honor yours, you will achieve your optimal health goal.

Ask me anything about your health

I aim to advocate and support my clients and general public to learn and make connection between their bodies, function and nutrition. We are all bio-individual as presenting in our genes and our finger prints.

Case studies

Vanessa was diagnosed with Lupus. Here is her feedback after 3 months of working with Souk to take control of her health conditions.

“ Everyone’s results will vary, depending on the goal. I lost 15 lbs that I seriously NEVER believed would drop from my body and I wasn’t even expecting it. It was such a surprise! I believe by cutting gluten foods, decreasing sugar intake, modifying dairy intake, really watching histamine foods (processed meats, packaged foods, fried fast foods), and taking the recommended supplements in the amount that I was comfortable, allowed my body to let go of that weight I wasn’t using. My body was reset and is beginning to work better and more efficiently. There were some challenges, but Souk was available to me at all times either through Zoom or just messaging and she was a constant support. I had a lot of withdrawal from the toxins that were in my body from years of eating horrible foods and I had some pain return, but my body is beginning to adjust again and the pain is subsiding.

The first thing I grasped while participating in this program is that Souk wasn’t going to heal me. A lot of people come into these programs expecting to be healed by the person running the program. But that is not what these programs are all about. By providing me with an accurate assessment of my needs and providing me with the tools I needed, I was able to navigate my own health needs with her support.

Souk offers a unique technique in getting others motivated about their health. She is not pushy, she doesn’t force you to do things you don’t want to do, and she recognizes where you are in your journey. She provides space for you to learn about your symptoms and gives you skills to monitor your body’s response to food. There was one point in my journey where I felt angry and just wanted to give up. Souk sat down with me over Zoom and she said, “I had to realize on my on that no one else is going to heal me. I just have to decide that I want to live and survive and it’s up to me”.

After this conversation with Souk my mindset was changed for the better. Souk shares her story openly and doesn’t try to “one up” you with her challenges; she freely offers her insight and knowledge. She is knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate, and she has become a dear friend.

Souk is now a dear and trusted friend that I will cherish forever. She is extremely supportive, encouraging and she listens to what you tell her. She listened to me when my body was detoxing and she gave me suggestions for simple things that I can do to help myself. She is human. She admits her mistakes and shortcomings and accepts that even though healing is our main focus and being well is a dream for us all, we will make mistakes from time to time with our diet. We just get back on that horse and ride again!”

Symptom Burden Graph

The orange line is before nutritional therapy and the blue line is the after result of nutritional therapy.


Success story of scleroderma
Laetitia has learned to manage her scleroderma condition with confidence and live without fears.

Souk’s Story 

I believe holistic healing is the most effective method to treat chronic illnesses as it has proven to me time and time again in my experiments and experiences that it works instantly and in the long run.

Video of Souk’s Story

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Where to start

Single Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

In this single 90-minute consultation you will walk out with concrete action plan based on your clinical assessment results that addresses your health concerns and moves you toward your goals.


Why you should sign up for a Comprehensive Assessment?

You know…the human body needs maintenance just like a car or machine.

The longer you have live… the more you will need to pay attention to your body.


Here’s the benefits…
  1. To get the full view of your over all health and so you can take a measure to improve your performance.
  2. Get action plan to boost your immune system to build your body to fight of potential allergens or pathogens.
  3. Learn how you can lose weight with less effort
  4. Learn valuable knowledge about nutrition and supplements and how they can help you improve your health. You can also share your knowledge with family and friends.
  5. Learn about your unique bio-individual and how to support your body and maximize your performance.
  6. Have access to full support from qualified Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and their associates.
  7. Have access to support from community on Facebook.

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SAP - Signature Program

This program allow us to work together more intensively to help you make forward, focused progress toward your health goals. The 8-weeks program is designed to optimize Immune System through Souk’s Autoimmune Protocols (SAP) and support for creating a non-toxic home environment.


You will be taught everything you need you know of how to improve your health conditions with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle change.

To book 30 minutes free consultation please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

12 Weeks Program Structure

4 Pillars Strategy, Step-by-Step:

  1. Determine Stressors and root causes
  2. Remove Stressors and Root causes
  3. Restore the Foundations
  4. Strengthen the Foundations

There are 7 Learning Modules under 4 Pillars

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Autoimmune Condition
  • Module 2 – Hydration
  • Module 3 – Allergen and Pathogen Elimination
  • Module 4 – Toxins and Stress Elimination
  • Module 5 – Restore the Foundations and Healing
  • Module 6 – Hormones Balance
  • Module 7 – Strengthen the Foundation

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Souk’s Protocol – Self-led online learning

Souk’s Nutritional Protocol is a quick start nutritional regime. It has been tested by Souk, among her friends and clients and has proven to be effective in reducing inflammation and improve health and wellbeing. 

You will learn:

  • How to kick start with nutritional therapy
  • How to conduct food intolerances testing by yourself
  • Relationship between food and bio-individual
  • and much more!

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