As I promised in my opening post about how I want to share with you all about my journey of body healing and road to recovery from serious illness Systematic Scleroderma.

Inflamed to painless body in 10 weeks

It’s my wish to help and support others who are suffering from any kind of illness as many as I can without them going through financial hardship and mental burden. I want to do it because I truly understand how it feels like to go down such path. 

Why 360 Degrees Cleansing?

Well, this might sounds too much for some people but…please read on…

When you are so sick and no one can help to take the pains away, I mean no one including health professionals, you certainly have only a choice you must make 360 degrees cleansing your life’s first priority. Nothing else matters at this point. That’s Me. I had no choice.

If you are sick and taking a handful of medications just to suppress the symptoms you have every hour, you definitely have to do it.

If you are obese or borderline obese and want to lose weight, cleansing is one way to achieve it. So pen it down in your To-Do-List.

When you are a healthy person but get tired and worn out easily on daily basis, you need to do cleansing because your body needs a reboot.

What you need in order to achieve your health goals.

To achieve your health goals, you need:

  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Relax and have a life

How to go about 360 degree cleansing?

Food and Drinks

Food and drink are the most important elements of cleansing process. Please follow the instructions strictly to maximize the benefits.

First, clean out your fridge and pantry!!! Eliminate all processed food and many other fresh food except:

  • Green tea, matcha tea and minerals water, soda water, lemon water
  • Himalayan salt/rock salt
  • All Herbs
  • Some spices like turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper
  • Olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, Ghee and butter
  • Green organic vegetables but not cruciferous and nightshade if you have joints pain and reflux
  • Berries and lemons
  • Grass feed meats, eggs, organic tofu
  • Nuts: almonds, pagans, macadamias
  • When prepare a meal keep the ratio of 100g protein, 100g vegetables and 2 tablespoons of any mentioned oil.
  • Try to stick to 3 meals per day and avoid snacking
  • Home

    Get rid off all chemical cleaning products and replace them with earth friendly products or baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, essential oils and water.

    Chemicals are hazardous and endangers humans’ well-being.


    To have full benefit from cleansing you need to breath in clean and pure air. So pick places you visit wisely. Avoid all the polluted, smoky places while you are allowing your body to heal. If you are smoking you need to quit it before you start this process, or else cleansing isn’t counted.

    Your mental health

    When you have clear mind and are in a good mental stage you can achieve a lot of things. So what and who stresses you out, just try to avoid them as much as possible.

    Meditation! It’s one of the ways to de-stress yourself and refresh your mind and thoughts. 5 minutes of meditation is beneficial to our mental health and calmness.

    I found that watching funny movies, listening to jokes and music are very effective mood lifting activities

    Stretching exercises! It’s a great way to release tension in your body. It also relaxes your mind. Try to do gentle stretches at first then gradually move to Pilates or Yoga.

    Additional Notes and Tips

    • While you are cleansing your body it’s important to keep your vitamins level in-check. You may ask your health professional to conduct tests to find out what your body is lacking and follow their advices promptly and of course trust your intuition. Listen to your body carefully and be patient with yourself.
    • Drink enough water and keep your body hydrated to avoid exhaustion.
    • The best way to cleanse your body effectively is to fast at least 12 hours before starting the cleansing. The best time to start fasting is after dinner. It’s easier to fast while you are sleeping.
      After 3 weeks of cleansing, slowly reintroduce other food back in your diet. One item a day. Take time to listen to your body and observe your body reactions to it. Does the food make you feel good or it gives you pain or feeling sluggish? If it gives you trouble, eliminate the food from your diet immediately. Everyone has different reactions to food. The food that is good for you might not serve others well.
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