I have many people asked me how I lost more than 10 kilos of my weight in 5 months and manage to keep it off for good. My answer is, wheres there’s a will, there’s a way.

I didn’t just lose weight but I am feeling fantastic, energetic and energized through out the day, most days, despite I have chronic health conditions called Systematic Scleroderma and Lung Fibrosis. My quality of life has improved dramatically, sometimes people around me forget about my conditions and my capacities in carrying out tasks. Well, I can’t really blame them but my enthusiasm.

I do sometimes have to eat carbs to keep my weight from going down too much. I know, I sound ironic but that’s the truth. However, I am always making sure I eat good quality carbs such as sweet potatoes, nuts, pumpkin and vegetables. Because bad carbs, mainly sugar and white grains make me gain weight very easily. They add more problems to my health and put restraint on my finance. After eating such kind of food, I will suffer for weeks. Then I need to detox my body and fully be rested. In worst case scenario, I would end up in ER.

7 months ago, losing weight was a huge struggle for me. I tried all kind of diets, managed to lose few kilos in few weeks, but at the end of it I was like a dried sponge waiting to absorb all the water in the world. My water retention was very high and I was swollen. I put weight right back on as soon as the dieting was ended. It was frustrating.

The truth is that losing weight is extremely hard. It’s almost a rocket science! Because it needs determination, knowledge and practices.

Human body and mind is so complex, more over each of us are just so different. A Weight-loss or dieting is not one size fit all. Our genes are made up differently and we have different hidden health issues. The most obvious thing is that we have different mindsets because we were brought up in different background and social/economic status. I believe, weight-loss needs to be individualized. You need to understand and listen carefully to your body.

In my Asian Culture, food is the symbol of prosperity and wealth. Whenever we invite guests home, food has to be the best and as much as we can offer. We even pack food for our guests, regardless the number.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with Asian culture. If you can afford to be generous, it’s fantastic. Our world needs generosity. But one thing need to change. The quality of food you are offering to people!!! As I mentioned before, sugary food, white grains, gluten and dairy contained food are more likely to affect you than benefiting you.

A person ‘s health is paramount, especially your love ones. I am sure you want the best for them, and the best gift you can give them is to look after their health and well-being. Although it’s once in awhile.

Now, right at the point! How to lose weight effectively?

To lose weight effectively I’ve looked into many factors. I categorized them into two main factors as follow.

1. External factors

Understand and gain full picture of your physical situation. If you’ve tried to lose weight multiple times and failed like me, you probably need to look at these factorsπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

  • Get yourself tested for you have any food allergies, celiac, fructose intolerant, etc.
  • Eliminate the food you allergic to or your body has negative reactions to such as tiredness, stomachache, fatigue, swelling.
  • Replace sugar intake with Stevia or Ethanol in your diet; or get rid of all kind of sugar completely.
  • Reduces amount of fruits you eat to one serve a day and avoid high sugar fruits.
  • Check your medications side effects. If side effects of medication is weight gain then talk to your doctor about alternative medicine.
  • Get your vitamins and minerals levels up to scratch. Lack of vitamins and minerals can have huge impact on your health and effects your weight-loss progress.
  • High fat, low carb and moderate protein is known to be the most effective diet for weight-loss and weight management. The minimum period for you to be on strict diet of 5 weeks to see obvious results. After that you should remain on the diet most of the time. It’s also reasonable for you to be off the diet for a special event or a dinner with friends. However, you need to get right back to the diet the next meals to keep you on the right track.
  • Intermittent fasting helps to accelerate your weigh-loss. The period of fasting should be at least 12 hours.

2. Internal factors

Like I mentioned before that weight-loss is almost a rocket science. It’s more complex than it sounds. It might be easier for some young healthy people and certainly not the sick and people above and beyond 30 years of age, especially ones with chronic illnesses like myself.

Weight-loss take a lot of efforts, commitment and money.

The first question to ask is why do you think losing weight is important for you?

  • Is your physical health in jeopardy?
  • Does your weight gain affects your health and well-being?
  • Are you concerned about your appearance? Forget about other’s opinions.

Just one YES of these questions is enough for you to build your willpower and combat your weight issue because without healthy body and mind, money means nothing at all. Like saying Your Health Is Your Wealth.

To maintain your willpower, motivation and be successful in weight-loss

  • Be mindful of who you are associating and hanging out with regularly. The chances are if you are associated with healthy eating and supporting group of people, you probably will be a healthy eating person too. For example, because of my lung condition, I certainly can’t go out with a smoker as I knew cigarette smoke will hurt my lung. I love and respect my friends who smoke but I just can’t be hanging out with them.
  • Be complacent but not negligent on your well-being. Learning to say no to your urges for carbs and to people who offer unhealthy food.
  • Know your limit, meaning know what you can and can’t eat. Once you’ve learned and understand your physical and mental health situation, you probably know your limit very well.
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