Have you ever heard of saying “What you think You become,”? It’s believed the statement is generated from Buddha’s teaching. I believe in the saying because it makes sense to me. It’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s my reminder to be in good state of mind not the opposite.

Positivity thrives me and negativity sinks me to my core. Unfortunately, sometimes I still impose negative views and opinions on myself and others when things get difficult.

Positivity does not always occurs by itself. Often, it needs to be created, to be scaffolding and fostering for it to thrive within our mind.

We need to create and grow positive mindset in order to have positive outcomes and happy life, especially for those who are suffering chronic illness like myself. We need not just medicines but strong happy mind to live and heal our sclerotic body.

Since childhood years, we all had been experiencing our own master mind effects. We created our thoughts and dreams and then our dreams become our life’s goals. We worked hard to make them come true. We were all able to achieve our dreams, although in different timelines and at different levels. Our persistent and determined minds drive us to achieve what we want to achieve. Although, we may experienced disappointments, failures and heartbreak but that have been surpassed too. Why? Because of our mind told us soIt’s survival mechanism of human mind.


What is mind anyway?

Mind is the faculty of thought and consciousness. It holds our thoughts, cognitions, imaginations, memories and enables us to act. When we are conscious of our surroundings and situations we usually prepare ourselves and act according, outcomes are desirable.

In my childhood, I was not the smartest kid in my neighbourhood. I experienced bullying at school and among my peers. I felt sad and disappointed but I was determined and resolute. I always told myself to show them who you are. The friendly and compassionate you.

Life’s goals change when priorities change

My childhood’s dreams were to go to university, get a decent job, and own a house. I had achieved all the goals by age of 30, although things didn’t come easy. I worked my ways through as hard as I could to achieve what I achieved. Sometimes, I made decisions I myself thought I could never do. But I did.


My family. I was the tallest.

I was born in a very poor social-economic family. My grandparents and parents were victims of Vietnam War. They were refugees repatriated to north of Laos by force. My generation was raised and educated in communist era. Life was not full with luxuries but love. To get myself out of poverty, I was a scholarships hunter because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my higher education. Because I knew, education was the only way to get me out of poverty.

At middle age, my dreams were to live and raise my family in Australia. I had achieved my dreams here too. I am now an Australian citizen and raise my family in the first world. However, my first world dreams didn’t come cheap. I had to leave everything I built for decades behind, including my job, family and social circles. It was the biggest decision of my life. But I took a leap of faith. Why? Here, I found Love and Hope. The unconditional love that drove me to move forward and the hope that my life would get better and happier. I looked forward to my new life in the first world country.

But life took wrong turn… and it is not in my control…

When life purpose is in question, mind is weakened

Our life purposes are formed based on our upbringing and values. We shape our lives with dreams, perceptions and actions. Due to our different values, we developed and have different life purposes.

Life purpose is something bigger than ourselves. My life purpose is well-being of my family, children’s education, social-economic status and contribution to build society. However, after I was diagnosed with Systematic Scleroderma and Lung Fibrosis, my physical being has not allowed me to do the duties I set out to do. My life purpose has been tampered by Scleroderma.

My mind is my everything to me meaning, my mind is the main element of my survival. I was in bad state of mind, I would not be able to fight my health battle. When my mind is weak, it makes me feel really sick. It literally takes my energy away. Therefore, it is important for me not to allow my mind to be weakened.

How to keep my mind in the right state?

Communication and meditation are my saver. I like to communicate my feeling and my thoughts. I am not sleeping on my problems. This might sound very intense for some people but this is how I maintain my mental well-being. Seeking to eliminate serious threats to my mental well-being is my first priority. Because I know without good mental health, I am nobody. I believe, my mind drives me to be who, where I want to be and what I want to become regardless of my physical condition. When mind is focused and inspired. It is determined to achieve the expected outcomes. I am determined to beat Scleroderma!!!

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