This cookie was decorated with love by my son ❀️

There’s more than just fun and joy in making cookies during this time of the year, the Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„. I am also taking this opportunity to educate children about food, treat and healthy options at our display, body awareness and eating with consciousness. Although at times, we let ourselves enjoy some sugary treat 😊

I am providing meaningful and fun experiences and creating a long lasting memory for everyone including myself.

To understand why I only use egg yolks in my baking please see my Almond Egg Yolk Cookie Recipe


β€’ 3 cups gluten-free all purpose flour

β€’ 5 tbsp purified butter or ghee

β€’ 5 egg yolks (4 for dough, 1 for brushing)

β€’ 1 tsp bio-carbs soda aluminum free

β€’ 3 tbsp natural sweetener Xylitol (zero sugar)

β€’ 2 tsp vanilla extract

β€’ 2 pinch of Himalayan salt

β€’ 1 tube of icing color of your choice (optional)

β€’ Icing decoration items (optional)


1. Add butter on to a pan and put on low heat and let the butter melted. Set aside.

2. Add egg yolks onto a bowl and whisk them till become smooth. Add salt and continue whisking. Add butter, vanilla extract and bio-carb soda and continue beating till everything mix up well (Keep adding one ingredient at a time while whisking).

3. Add flour and use spatula to fold the flour and ingredients together well. Then use hands to form firm dough.

4. Preheat oven at 175c for 5 minutes.

5. Divide dough into 2-3 portions and form into balls

6. Place a dough ball between 2 equal size of baking papers and roll to flatten it, about 1,5cm thick. Use your prefer cookies cuter to cut out the cookies.

7. Place cut out cookies on baking a paper in baking tray and blush egg yolk on each cut out cookie.

8. Bake cookies at 175c for 6-7 minutes. Turn off the heat, leave oven door slightly open and them to cool.

9. Once all the cookies are cool down at room, use a flat knife to spread icing all over the top, then decorate them with icing decoration items of your choice or decorate with any toppings you prefer.

You will get 12-16 cookies depending on the the thickness of your dough and the size of your cookie cutter.

Enjoy joy cookies in just minutes πŸͺ delicious πŸ˜‹

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