Don’t you wish you were like succulents 🌱🌱🌱 They are more adaptable and can survive in tough environment and thrive on so little!!!

I believe we are similar. We can also be adaptable and equally as tough as succulents, or maybe like our ancestors, cavemen!

Given the reality of our changing environment, one would assume that our bodies, our genes, could also change so quickly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We certainly can’t cope with the rapid environmental changes. That’s why the number of people with chronic illnesses has rapidly increased every year!

What can we do about it???

I believe, the best way for us to live in harmony with the changing environment and save ourselves from being chronically ill, is to change our ways of thinking, doing and living…Although we are surrounded by 5G network, pollution, chemicals in our food, clothing, air, daily products, we can still somewhat protect ourselves and go back to the basics. A lifestyle complete with the basic foods, drink, clothing, makeup, etc can have the power to restart the immune system…after all we are the most intelligent creatures on this planet, we have the ability to create and innovate what benefits us. We can start to do somethings to protect our next generation.

Ironically, going back to basic isn’t easy as it sounds, because we have become so sophisticated and digitally driven society, we had come so far away from our roots. Hence, we do need disciplines and guidances to do the basics, which is not so basic for many people anymore.

But…here’s what COVID-19 event has taught us! We don’t really need fancy cars, offices, clothing, jewelries, expensive boots, etc. This life event has taught us, we can live with bare minimum.

So, what is the next chapter of humankind?

Can live, survive and thrive like succulents?

Can you imagine yourself eating fruits and vegetables right off trees like our ancestors did? Or wearing cotton clothing, walking barefoot without the sting of judgement, but still having access to digital screens whenever you needed them? I mean – I don’t want to take away everything modern but adjust to our best abilities to live and thrive as human being.

Can you imagine the possibility of living in such a carefree society without ticket fines when you illegally park, instead you are sent off to grow fruits and vegetables and look after animals for your misconduct? Wouldn’t that be fun and perhaps increase productivity and reducing cost we spent on mental health? This is a thought for those who are actively working to form, create rules and manage our societies as well as individuals – Why??? In According to Mental Health Services in Australia, in 2017-2018 alone, AU$9 billion dollars was spent on mental health and in 2018-2019 4.3 million people received mental health-related prescriptions!!! After looking at these numbers, one can’t help but think. What’s wrong with our society? Why are we so depressed? Is it the food we eat and water we drink, the boxes that we needed to be fit in, or our way of life that has driven us deeper and deeper into the black hole?

Somethings need to change for better…don’t you think so?

We need to foster the humanity in humankind before it’s too late, and we are at the point of no return. We need more carers, healers, and motivators than we do profit makers. After all, you will not have any profits if people don’t exist – Just food for thought 😉

If the society doesn’t change, we don’t change, our next generation is going to suffer. In fact, they are suffering right now! and it’s going to get worse.

As parents and leaders, we need to guide and lead by examples, and bring positive changes. Our consumption habits today will influence our children’s consumption habits and health in the future, and in a very big way…  

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