How long did it take me to find my Big Ah Ha moments after I was diagnosed with four autoimmune conditions/diseases? The answer is…Six years!!! Yes! You heard me, s-i-x years! I felt so stupid thinking about it…But hey! I don’t want you to feel that way. That’s why I am writing this post.

Why did I not find my Ah ha moments sooner??? Was it because no one directing me to the right path?

No! In fact, one of my colleagues told me to see a naturopath. But I didn’t listen to her. Why??? To be honest, it was because I was so blinded by my perceptions and my beliefs!!! Do I blame it on someone? No!!! not even myself! I don’t blame anyone but my beliefs.

It is because, this is the way most humans are formed. We were borne, raised and taught in particular ways, in certain cultures and beliefs. We believe what we believe and that just pure humans.

You see, I was borne to a father who was a well-respected doctor in our communities, who treated thousands of people with medicines and surgeries. He treated my families and I whenever we felt ill and we believe he had saved our lives and the lives of others. He did at some points!!!.

Until when I was diagnosed with Autoimmune conditions, my father just had no opinion of how it could be treated and so he told me to trust the professionals.

So, for six years doctors had told me to take Methotrexate for Lupus, Cellcept (Mycophenolate) for our Lung Fibrosis and Scleroderma, Cymbalta for pain, and Endep for extreme pains and sleep, Nexium for reflux, Zyrtec for itching skin, and when it didn’t work take more …

Oh Yes!!! they said I could eat anything I wanted. It’s ok to eat everything!!! There’s no evidence that foods cause any harm to anyone, they told… and so it went on full cycles for six years!!!

Is anyone having autoimmune condition familiar with this?

My skin condition got so bad, I couldn’t sleep and scratched myself to bleed. My reflux was so severed, food flowed back up and burned my throat every time after I ate, my teeth were rotten and my mouth got smaller and smaller…which made dental care harder than usual for myself and my dentist.

You bet…I respected and trusted those doctors just like I did my father. I still do! Because they save many lives.

So much so, I participated in a trail to find cure For lung Fibrosis. Yes, one of the conditions I have.

So I thought I like to give back to society even if I died, the next generation would benefit from my sacrifices. Turned out, the medication side effect was too bad, I had to take a Gastro-stoper and Mega Folate to stop diarrhoea and dizziness. I quilt the trail after a year.

I was told this how my life was going to be. I had to take the medications to suppress my immune system, the symptoms, the pain…but the diseases was still progressing. After six years, my lungs declined from 85% to 65% and they considered I was the one of lucky ones…

A few of my scleroderma peers’ conditions got so bad that they needed wheel chairs and one passed way, young. I was angry, sad and It scared to death!

My breaking point was this, my blood was drawn 7-12 tubs every 3 weeks for the research and tests for more than a year. But when my vitamin D, B12, and Iron were so low, no one knew about it. How astounding! Right? I only found this out by myself because I was too exhausted and I went to private clinic to get them checked.

That was my Second Big Ah Ha moment!

Here is my First Big Ah Ha Moment! After taking so much medicines and still experienced pain and exhaustion for many years, I had to questions why? whatever we had been doing, why did not it work?

Well, they said there is no cure to these diseases. But…

I was curious so I just googled what causes reflux and pain… and what came up were FOODs! What the heck, right?! Why would foods cause reflux and pain? We all were grown up with foods, weren’t we?!

But I was opened for experimenting because I simply did not have a choice due to my declining health. I gave myself a try for two weeks and see if there was any different.

And that was my First Big Ah Ha Moment, came to light!!!

I tried to share this experiences with my doctors but you know what they said!!! As above!

I tried to share with my family, they listen with the right ear and with times, they have seen the outcomes and so they came around 🙂 I saved my husband from going for his third knee surgeries. Thank you!!!

Now you don’t have to believe me after reading my post. But I am asking you to at least be opened to ways you can improve your health and quality of life. There are enough resources and information out there…Please do not be like me, blinded by my beliefs and perceptions.

Be a good advocate for yourself!

Please do research about how lifestyle change and nutritional therapy can help you gain your health back…There are evidences that FOODS can causes illnesses if your body reacts to them. They become your body’s stressors!.

I now live a quality life without medications. My skin is better. I can breath better. I can think, learn better and I can work from 9 to 5.

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