My Epiphany Bridge

I was mother, a wife and a passionate Early childhood educator who loved working with young children till one day in 2012, I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases such as systematic scleroderma, lupus, lung fibrosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia. The diseases crippled me and I lost my job and my livelihood.

I wanted to live to see my children grown up, love and support them till they finish their university.

But I was really sick and bed bounce. I sept 20 hours/day 7days/week.

I felt I was the burden for my family especially for my beloved husband. He was working full-time at the same time he had to look after me, my children and everything else. I wanted to end my life.  

The problem, I was treated by the best doctors and I took a lot of medicines but my health kept declining. I felt my life was just fading away as I felt so rotten from the inside.

Then something amazing happened…

One day I was laying in my bed and thinking about how my grandmother words of wisdom. She told my mother should not eat certain food after she gave birth to my youngest brother. The food could make her very sick or even die.

I started to do research on the internet about what kind of food can help my conditions. Surprisingly I found only the kind of food that make us sick. I started to remove those food from my diet and I felt a bit better. I could walk a short distance and do few things around the house.

That’s not enough, I continued doing research about other factors that could improve my health further. As my health got better day by day, I could think better and stay up for longer hours, I decided to go to Nutritional school to study about human’s physiology and how it interacting with food and environment and how I could use my knowledge to improve my health along the way.

My health kept improving each day and I felt stronger and more vibrant. The brain fog and pain are non-existence, I have energy to work throughout the day, most days. The most amazing thing that came with this was, I saved my husband from this third knee surgery and eliminated his arthritis. I saved my son from his ADHD melt down within weeks.

I finally graduated as Functional Nutritionist in June 2020.

My plan was to live a healthy normal live by enforcing and change lifestyle. I plan to advocate, educate and support other who live with similar conditions as I to live a quality of life with less pain. study hard and dig deep into autoimmune diseases root causes and how to support the body to fight the diseases.

I spent a lot time on doing research and money on courses and experimented on different supplements that didn’t really help with my condition. It took me two full years to really find the solutions.

That’s why I decided to create a health own health protocol call Souk’s Autoimmune Protocol (SAP)

Now I am using this protocol to manage my autoimmune diseases and help my family members and clients to improve their conditions with outstanding outcomes.

As the result I am able to work long hours, 7/7 and spend minimal amount of money on doctors’ fees.

No trip to hospital for a year while before I had to see doctors every 3 weeks.

I have lost 25kg without even dieting.

My family members live well without seeing doctors so often like they used to.

My husband arthritis is non-existence.

My son’s learning outcome is at standard level  

All my clients’ health improved significantly and some lost weight even without trying.

After practicing Nutritional therapy, I am not only to live well with my diseases but also able to work 8-12 hours/days 5days/week. I only have few bad days in a month and I think that is with everyone, given my genetic disorder.

My family members who used to see doctors regular for their health issues stay well and far from their doctors and ER, which save us money, time and heartache.  

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