Road to Recovery and Healing…It’s Exciting Time!

Finally! I got to really pen down my lessons, experiences and knowledges about myself and my relationship with food!!!

After 6 years of procrastinating, 6 years of living with massive pains every single day and heavily medicated. I am now putting everything behind and move forward. I am now a better me. A bit broken but better.

Now, I decided to blog and document my heart out! Because I am hopeful and wish to get messages across. I am hopeful that one day in near future we all will live painless life regardless what your illness is!

When I talk about FOOD, I meant the organic food that helps me heal and lead me on the road of recovery from serious illness. The illness that no human should endure. I am talking about SCLERODERMA!!! In my case it becomes even more complex. It’s SYSTEMATIC SCLERODERMA. It takes me forever to learn to say the word. It attaches the whole system inside out. There’s no cure for it. However, I am not a unique case. There are many hundred thousands of us worldwide. But if compares to the world population we are relatively very small.

Scleroderma is a complex decease.

What do you do to survive when there’s no cure to your illness and you want to live a quality life?

There are two things you can do yourself a tremendous favor. One is to completely CLEANSE yourself. You need to change your lifestyle, starting from the food you consume to the environment you are in. Two is stay happy but resilient. There’s no benefit to be sad and stressed because it makes your health spiral and worst. I’ve been there believe me!

Once you starts practicing those two advices you are on your road to recovery and live a quality life with SCLERODERMA and live improve quality of life!

Stay tuned!!! More positivity is heading your way. As I promise, I am will keep doing researches and keep you posted.

Thank you and have a fantastic day!

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