Functional Nutrition Therapy

Hi everyone,

I am Functional Nutrition Therapist and a proud survivor of multiple autoimmune conditions. I suffered from Systemic Scleroderma, Lupus, Lung-Fibrosis and Fibromyalgia.

I believe my health struggles started at birth. I was born with blood disorder and allergies. It’s my genetic conditions and I was sick often. In 2012 the autoimmune conditions crippled me. I was told there’s no cure to my illnesses and I must take 30 pills for the rest of my life. I should stop looking for answers and stop putting my family through dramas and just enjoy the time I had left. Life was hard as my health kept declining. I lost my job and myself completely.

However, I am a firm believer. I believe if there’s a will there’s a way…so I started doing researches for ways to improve my health from my deathbed. That’s when I found out Functional medicine is the way to heal my body. I then seek help from Functional medicine specialists but soon to find out non of them truly understand my conditions. I spent thousands after thousands of dollars but didn’t get the results I wanted.

I believe in Functional medicine but I need to study it to fully understand how it works especially for such complicated illnesses like autoimmunity.

I decided to study Functional nutrition therapy. I had learned hard and found the solutions to my health. Now, I am setting out to help others with similar conditions. I believe, this is my true calling.

Based on my knowledge as functional Nutrition Therapist and my personal experiences, I have crafted a course to transform Autoimmunity people’s life naturally. For all of you and me! to live without pain and stiffness, brain fog, fatigue, allergies, leaky gut, and all the issues that come with it. Click Here To find out more

I will use the 4 Pillars strategy to guide you through, step-by-step.

This strategy will dig deep and identify your root causes, removes the issues, restores and strengthens your health.

I am here to help all of you because I believe you all deserve good health and enjoy quality life just like anyone else.

Let me help you and I promise you won’t be let down. I will do my best to help you gain your health back. You will have a lifetime support from me, continuously have access to my advices, knowledge and community. I know what’s like to spent money and you are left to wonder on your own after the service has ended.

If this is sound like the health healing journey you want to pursue please contact me here


What I Do

Provide Clinical Functional Health Assessment, Conditions and Deficiencies Report

Provide Advices on Nutritional and Supplements for Body Restoration and Healing Regardless Your Diagnosis

Provide Educational Program on How To Heal and Reverse Autoimmunity Naturally

Why You’ll Love My Services

There has never been a better time to take control of your own health and well-being. Functional nutrition has proven to be effective alternative health care to maintain and restore health as we all are increasingly living in constant exposure to environmental toxins and chronic stresses

Client’s Testimony

Laetitia Nhouyvanisvong

When I met Souk, I just got diagnosed, I was lost and scared by everything I was reading and hearing about scleroderma. I spent money in doctor, naturopath but that wasn’t it.

I knew I wanted to find a way to deal with it in a more natural way, and meeting Souk helped me with that! She gave me so much knowledge and helped me understanding my body and finding ways to control my inflammation. She gave me hope in controlling my health and get my life back.

Thank you Souk

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