Signature Program: Autoimmune Support

Welcome to our 12 Weeks Online Autoimmune Program for just

AUD 495.00

You will be taught everything you need you know of how to improve your health conditions with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle change.

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12 Weeks Program Structure

4 Pillars Strategy, Step-by-Step:

1. Determine Stressors and root causes
2. Remove Stressors and Root causes
3. Restore the Foundations
4. Strengthen the Foundations

There are 7 Learning Modules under 4 Pillars

Module 1 – Introduction to Autoimmune Condition
Module 2 – Hydration
Module 3 – Allergen and Pathogen Elimination
Module 4 – Toxins and Stress Elimination
Module 5 – Restore the Foundations and Healing
Module 6 – Hormones Balance
Module 7 – Strengthen the Foundation


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